Television Central Survey: Surface

Monday, February 13, 2006

Television Central Survey: Surface

Television Central Survey: Surface

1. Which Surface Fan Site Do You Like Best?

  Television Central's
2. Do You View the Surface Message Boards? If so, Do You Post?

  Yes, I View and Post on the Message Boards
  Yes, I View, but do NOT Post on the Message Boards
  No, I Do Not Use the Message Boards
3. If You Do Not Use the Message Boards, Why Not?

  I Dont Want to Register
  It is To Complicating
  I Dont Know How To Use Them.
  This Question Does Not Apply To Me
4. Which Features Do You Use On Our Surface Fan Site?

  Season Review  Unanswered Questions 
  Show News  Important Surface Quotes 
  Picture Gallery  Live Chat 
  Nim Picture Gallery  Miles Q & A 
  Top Theories  Show Information 
  Message Boards    
5. What Features Would You Like To see added To Television Central? How Can we Improve our Website?



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